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Piedmont Orthotics Laboratory, Inc. offers a full line of prescription orthotics. Our custom orthotics use the latest computer aided designed and manufacturing technology (CAD/CAM), are finished by highly trained professionals, and are backed by 30 years of experience and our limited lifetime warranty.*

POL Inc. Custom Orthotics

POLiROOT (Functional):
- Full control polypropylene device
- Intrinsic forefoot and unitized extrinsic rear foot post
- Medial grind off 3 on rear foot post with 12mm heal cup
- Rohadur-like rigidity, maximum control
- Fits well in extra depth heel shoes, oxford and boot type styles
- Using 7mm or 5mm heel cups, allows for a better fit along a broader range of shoe styles
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POLiRoot Custom Orthotic

POLiSPORT (Sports/Active):
- Flexible control device
- Intrinsic forefoot and rear foot post and 12mm heel cup
- Unitized extrinsic rear foot post, or cushion crepe post with bottom plate may be added for extra control and shock absorption
- Designed for maximum control throughout a wide range of activities
- Implus 2 or 3 may be added for full innersole replacement, without adding bulk.
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POLiSport Custom Orthotic

POLiSOFT (Accommodative):
- Direct milled EVA-cork composite
- For patients who cannot tolerate hard shell devices
- Can be made dual density for diabetic insoles
- Deep heel cup of 12mm is standard, but lesser heel depths may be used for better fit to shoes
- Cover with Implus material to whatever length required.
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POLiMOLDED (Geriatric):
- Moderate control device
- Uses a thin poly shell with EVA bottom fill
- Covered with Implus to length required
- Designed for the patient who can not tolerate rigid control of most orthotics
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POLiMolded Custom Orthotic

POLiSTYLE (Low bulk men's):
- Designed for men's dress shoes, built for low bulk
- Uses intrinsic forefoot and rear foot post, and 7mm heel cup with hole in heel
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POLiStyle Custom Orthotic

POLiDRESS I (High heels):
- Made to conform with high heel dress shoes, from 1” to 2” heels
- Utilizes a 3mm heel cup
- Ultra thin heel platforms to dress shoe
- Vinyl top cover with Ucolite bottom to length
- Recommended dress shoes be sent with order
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POLiDress 1 Custom Orthotic

POLiDRESS II (Low heel flats):
- Offers more control for the women wearing dress flats with 1/2” to 3/4” heel
- Comes with 7mm heel cup with hole in heel for low bulk
- Recommended dress shoes be sent with order.
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POLiDress 2 Custom Orthotic

Children's Orthotics

POLiGROW: This program is designed to save time and money. 

For the first time, you can generate three pair of orthotics from one negative cast. Once the cast is taken and original orthotic made, we can grow two more pairs of of orthotics in our computer as the child grows. 

All that is needed is for the doctor to measure the additional length and width needed. When ordering, check Grow 1 or Grow 2 and give original order number with patient information.

- Full control utilizing 12mm heel cup
- High medial flange with lateral flange and unitized extrinsic rear foot post in neutral to control abnormal function in children between the ages of 3-8


- Used to control in-toeing by putting a fulcrum under the 4th and 5th metatarsal heads forcing the foot to externally rotate following heel lift
- Deep heel cup with high medial flange helps limit subtalar joint pronation
- Unitized extrinsic rear foot post in neutral.

- To control out-toeing, by using a high medial flange with lateral flange and unitized extrinsic rear foot post in neutral.
- 12mm heal cup
- Shaffer type design

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Children's Custom Orthotics

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Children's Custom Orthotics

For pricing information, contact us directly. Be sure to ask about our volume discount and promotional offers!

All custom made polypropylene orthotics, including unitized posts, carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty against breakage or avulsion and a 90 day free adjustment period from date shipped. This guarantee is rendered null and void by unusual, abnormal or abusive treatment, or by gross modifications of the orthotics. Cover, extensions and other additional items are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship only; these wear out at various rates and are not covered by lifetime guarantee. All orthotics will be returned via U.P.S. All shipping charges billed to POL account, will be added to the invoice on each day's shipment received, plus a $3.00 handling charge.

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