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The Ultimate Pre-molded Orthotic

POL Inc. proudly offers the Ultimate line of pre-molded orthotics only available from health care professionals. An excellent alternative to patients on a tighter budget or as an "off the self" solution to help relieve discomfort and provide arch support. The Ultimate orthotic design in the culmination of over 20 years of clinical experience and studies of thousands of patients.
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Implex (TM) composite material provides a high level of support and stability. Implex is over 50% thinner and it more lighter in overall weight as compared to traditional materials used in other orthotics. Implex looks greats, is extremely durable and is fully guaranteed.

The Ultimate pre-molded orthotic is top-covered with IMPLUS; foam bonded to ETC, a high tech material. ETC material is designed to reduce friction and its byproducts, heat and moisture.

The Ultimate pre-molded orthotic provides superior arch support, helps reduce overpronation, helps relieve pain associated with planter facilitis and provides excellent shock absorption.

The Ultimate pre-molded orthotic is available in three-quarter, full-length* and narrow cut dress.

Rear Foot Posted: greater stability for more physically active patients. (6 sizes)
Un-Posted: available in three-quarter and full length. Provides better shoe fit. (6 sizes)
Narrow Cut Dress: for ladies dress shoes. (3 sizes)

*Top cover material for the full-length model (94400) is brushed polyester

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